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About me

It was born after careful consideration and a milestone in my life. As a trained electrician and then as a network technician, I went to the office. After completing the technical vocational secondary school and the basic commercial training alongside my job, I went into sales for network technology solutions in an international company. After 6 years, I knew that I had to go back to craftsmanship. In 2015, I decided to devote myself to my hobbies, climbing and winter activities. Since then, I have worked as an industrial climber in the warmer seasons. Thanks to moving away from the canton of Zurich, I was able to deepen my experience at Nordwand GmbH in the canton of Lucerne, especially in window and blind cleaning, for 2 years. Measuring mast assembly, stretching safety nets, facade maintenance, graffiti removal and window cleaning were already part of everyday life at the former company Vertic Pro AG. Especially in central Switzerland, the travel routes and the network of employees are solid support for me. For me, this is an argument for starting a company. In May 2023, I will finally launch the start-up company RopEvolution and work for long-term partnerships with trust and decisive solutions for customers, partners and employees.


Always looking for new, exciting projects.

+41 78 254 45 46

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